Woman Is The Key Question

WITKTV – In your life what have you detected, that you can communicate as a vision and give instruction to better women’s future. By so doing you can help touch the world.

JEAN ANDERSONHi. So I have been giving this a great deal of thought. I guess it is something that every parent should be thinking about as to what they can pass on to their own child. Specific to women, I feel that I didn’t really start figuring things out until just before meeting my husband. I was then already in my thirties. All those years and mistakes ago…. I feel that maybe I’m not a good one to ask. That’s info NOT for the blog. If there was one thing I FINALLY learned, it was that I must learn to live for myself. Do things I enjoy. Make my future happen for myself, by myself and not wait around for a man to make my future bright. Funnily, when I finally figured this out… about three months later I met my, now, husband. I had just put my down payment on a brand new, under construction, condo. Funny how it can take years to figure out what seems now to be simple.

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