This is an abstract design of a woman’s head viewed vertically – eye, nose, mouth and ear. However, when viewed horizontally it shows an old fashioned key depicting the past, and a modern design depicting the present. The ear can also be seen as a keyhole when looked at vertically – it gives a peek into the future.

 “The eye for vision, the nose for detection, the mouth for communication and the ear for instruction. All purposed with one goal in mind: meaningful development and defense of all we hold dear.”

With these senses in sync, we can  Touch  someone’s life for the better.

We are asking people all over the world what can be done to better the lives of women. That means a better life for everyone.


In your life what have you detected, that you can communicate as a vision and give direction to better women’s future? By so doing you can help touch the world.

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  1. Reflective listening often brings a strong picture of a person’s situation. What I ‘see’ may mean little or nothing to me, but serves to crystallize the other person’s dilemma and inform their prayers. I would call this sort of listening walking in the Holy Spirit with another, as the only true source of wisdom is from our Lord.

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